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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Game Design: A List and Reimagining of RTS Game Tropes and Features

4X hybrid (Sins of a Solar Empire)
Economic (Offworld Trading)
Horror hybrid (The Inky Darkness)
Tower defense hybrid
Survival (Banished)
Open world (Warzone 2100)
Time travel (Archron)

Linear mission by mission campaign
Branching mission by mission campaign
Conquest mode (Total War, Battle For Middle Earth, Star Wars: Empires At War)
Persistent veteran units (Battle For Middle Earth)
City reclamation (Left Behind: Eternal Forces)
Solar system with spherical planet battlefields (Planetary Annihilation)

Sandbox (Banished, Warzone 2100)

Victory and Defeat
Destroy all units and structures
Wonder victory (Age of Empires)
Diplomatic victory (Civilization)

Victory/Requisition Points (Company of Heroes, Dawn of War)

Fast economy/Slow eonomy
Fast combat/Slow combat
Clear Pausing
Auto Pausing (UFO: Aftermath)
Ability to plan/give orders while paused.

Symmetric Factions
Asymmetric Factions
Sub-Factions (C&C Red Alert 2)
Minor Factions (Emperor: Battle for Dune)
Neutral Factions

Unique units per faction
Faction with mode switching (Universe At War, Act of War: Direct Action)
Faction to choose sub-faction in-game (Warrior Battles)

Individual units
Squads (Dawn of War 2)
Heroes (Warcraft 3)
Heroes that can be added to squads (Dawn of War)
Designed units/Unit designer (Warzone 2100)

Modular units (Battleships Forever)
Transforming units with more training (Battle Realms)
Deployable Units (C&C Red Alert 2)
Cloned units (C&C Red Alert 2)
Unit teleporter (C&C Red Alert 2, Dark Reign)

Infantry more useful than vehicles (Company of Heroes)
Vehicles more useful than infantry (Command and Conquer)

Unit transports
Unit carryalls (C&C Tiberian Sun)
Automated unit carryalls (Dune 2)
Relic units (Age of Empires)

Unit health
Unit (individual) naming
Unit bios (Left Behind: Eternal Forces)
Unit armor and shields
Unit morale
Unit suppression
Unit cover

Medical/Repair units
Engineer units
Constructor units
Resource collection units

Basic infantry
Anti-aircraft/Anti-vehicle (rocket) infantry
Sniper infantry
Flamethrower/Poison/Spread infantry
Mortar/Siege infantry
Commando infantry
Exoskeleton infantry
Animal units
Infantry can circumvent obstacles (Company of Heroes)

Light Vehicles/Cycles/Trikes/Buggies/Humvee
Anti-Tanks/Tank Destroyers
Anti-air platform units
Artillery/Siege units
Vehicles crushing infantry

Fighter aircraft
Bomber aircraft

(Aircraft) Carrier units (C&C Red Alert 2)

Tunneling units (C&C Tiberian Sun)
Teleporting/Chronoshifting (C&C Red Alert 2)
Mercenary/Bounty hunter units that are paid
Suicide units

Unit Selection:
Click or drag a box
Center selection (Halo Wars)
No selection, units are automated

Fully-automated scouting (C&C Generals: Rise of the Reds)

Fog of War
Shroud for already revealed FOW
Fog of War as an enemy (The Inky Darkness)
Non-circular reveal of FOW

Different levels of minimaps (Supreme Commander)

Attack move
Force Attack (Command and Conquer)
Suppression fire (Company of Heroes)
Predetermined angle/arc of attack/fire (Company of Heroes)

Bombard area
Bombing runs (C&C Generals)
Superweapons (Command and Conquer)

Explosive Charges (Command and Conquer)
Grenades (Command and Conquer, Z)
Suicide explosions (C&C Red Alert 2)
Gattling/increasing rate of fire for focus (C&C RA2 Yuri's Revenge, Generals)
Chain/Prism (C&C Red Alert 2)
Infection/Poison (C&C RA2 Yuri's Revenge)
Freezing/Cryo (C&C Red Alert 3)
EMP (C&C Tiberian Sun)
Conversion to faction/Monk (Age of Empires)
Mind Control/Yuri (C&C Red Alert 2)

Infantry able to go pass obstacles (Company of Heroes)
Vehicles crushing infantry

Walls (Dune 2)
Defense structures and towers
Defenses combinable with walls
Garrisons (C&C Red Alert 2)
Bunkers (C&C Generals)
Shielding (Starcraft)
Force shields
Unit cover (Dawn of War)
Unit hiding (The Inky Darkness)
Unit prone

Units with more armor based on viewpoint (Company of Heroes)
Temporary invulnerability/Iron Curtain (C&C Red Alert 2)
Singularity/Attract projectiles (C&C Red Alert 3)
Reflect back (Submarine Titans)

Cloaking (Command and Conquer)
Camouflage skins based on map (C&C Red Alert 2)
Disguises/Spies (C&C Red Alert 2)
Gap Generator (C&C Red Alert 2)

Fake Structures (C&C Red Alert 1)
Tunnels (C&C Generals)
Tunneling units (C&C Tiberian Sun)

Resource collection:
Resource harvesters (Dune 2)
Resource accumulators (Total Annihilation)
Mobile resource accumulators/Hackers (C&C Generals)
Fully-automated resource collection
Supply lines for access to extra, fancy resources (Civilization)
Global storage
Limited storage + Silos (Dune 2)

Resource converters
Marketplace (Age of Empires)
Blessing/refining resources (Warrior Kings)

Farming (Age of Empires)
Hunting animals/fishing/caring livestock (Age of Empires)

Power plants
Area power plants/Pylons (Starcraft)
Power lines (Sun Age)
Powered units (&C RA2 Yuri's Revenge)

Spreading resource/Tiberium crystal (Command and Conquer)
Dangerous/radioactive resource (Command and Conquer)
Contained supply points (C&C Generals, Red Alert 3)

Happiness (Civilization)

Fully-automated and pre-set builds and construction
Building tied to time, not resources (Civilization)

Mobile Construction Vehicle (Command and Conquer)
Drone Construction Vehicle (C&C Re Alert 3)
Crawler (Command and Conquer 4)

Foundation/Concrete (Dune 2, D&C Tiberian Sun)
Foundation Remnant/GLA Foundations (C&C Generals)
Modular building (Halo Wars)
Modular cities (Civilization, Rise of Legends)

Cranes (Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars)
Expansion Outposts

Capturable structures
Fake structures

Mobile Construction Yard (Command and Conquer)
Resource buildings
Power plants
Resource storage/silos
Cranes (Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars)
Expansion Outposts

Barracks for infantry
Factory for vehicles
Airports for aircraft
Dropoff structures for units/reinforcement style (C&C 3 Mideast Crisis 2)
Tech/Research lab

Armory/Arsenal upgrades
Unit cloner (C&C Red Alert 2)
Unit teleporter (C&C Red Alert 2, Dark Reign)

Roads and road building (Settlers)
Neutral structures reconfigured for use (Left Behind: Eternal Forces)

Technology Tree
Technology Web (Civilization: Beyond Earth)
Ages (Age of Empires, Civilization)
Technological Levels

Weather (C&C Tiberian Sun)
Day and night cycle
Territories (Z and Company of Heroes)


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