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Saturday, October 8, 2016

First Impressions: Dawn of War II Retribution

I have played DoW I and II, but haven't loaded up my copy of Retribution yet. I am so glad for the additional factions included as DLC: Imperial Guard, Chaos Marine, Tyranid, Ork, and Eldar.

I started with the Eldar on Normal Mode and played through the first mission. It looks pretty cool. Individual Eldar hero units seem more overpowered than normal Spae Marine ones, or I could just be confusing the long ago plays.

The Ork boss was easier to handle this time, but it was because of the couple Shuriken units I got and distanced them away.

Also, the Orks were Pirate-themed. Which I found campy. I also was wishing for more Space Marine variants, but maybe that's just for multiplayer mode? I haven't checked the game enough to see an actual skirmish mode on there.

Usually, when starting to play RTSes, I either start with the Tutorial, Campaign, or Skirmish to test out all the unit combinations. Since I didn't find a skirmish mode, if it is in there, I did not experiment with unit combinations.

I still miss the base building of the first here, but that was a bit alleviated by the capturable Webways in the game. The Webways allowed units to reinforce my squads with Guardian units and Shurikens.

I did enjoy the first mission, but it wasn't too compelling for me to continue to the next one without a break.

My recent purchase of Company of Honor reminds me a lot of the gameplay of the Dawn of War 2: the focus on squads and cover system. I will cover Company of Honor games in a later post.

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