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Sunday, October 9, 2016

First Impressions: Perimeter: Emperor's Testament

I have heard about this game for awhile now. It's supposedly rare and a runaway cult classic.

A bit disappointed when trying it out for the first time. There was no obvious tutorial. I started with a base and many small infantry units.

Perimeter uses a "perimenter" gameplay mechanic where one needs to connect the power source to structures, and the power source is usually the main structure headquarters where you buy units.

I was wiped out by a squad of alien-looking units from the environment after I sent out all my weak infantry units after it.

I did find a manual online on the Steam page, however. I will retry again and update this blog entry whenever I get a better grasp of the game. The manual speaks about how terraforming is important to the game. That's probably what I was missing.

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