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Sunday, October 9, 2016

First Impressions: Company of Heroes

I bought the Humble Bundle for the 10th anniversary of Company of Heroes. It cost me about $10. I don't usually do World War 2 games unless there's an alternate history component, like Red Alert or the Cuban Missile Crisis game. However, I couldn't pass it up knowing it is critically acclaimed.

I started the tutorial and it was standard fare. It had keyboard controls to replace the mouse wheel for laptop users like me.

At first, I thought the factions would play the same, just different units. Not at all! The British play differently with squads to American engineer and platoons and the German Panzer Elite vehicles are very important to their function.

The gameplay is reminiscent of Dawn of War, particularly the second one. 

I have the complete collection of Company of Heroes, so I will do some campaigns.

If you want to try it out and support Faction Calculus while at it, here are the games:

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