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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

First Impressions: Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures is an RTS about creating your own units out of animal hybrids with a genetic combiner of some sort with what seems to be 1930's technology. I've always wanted to play it ever since I saw a copy at a friend's house about 10 years ago. And now I have!

I blazed through the tutorial. It had the usual camera controls, RTS basics of selecting and attacking and building and harvesting and research, and whatnot. The quick animal combining tutorial was cool. It gave me some constraints of just a few animals to use for the tutorial.

The presence of friendly fire surprised me. My artillery, which were ram-ape hybrids throwing rocks, were accidentally killing off my animal army as we bombard the enemy's structures. The enemy buildings also took longer than usual to destroy, which seems a bit annoying.

Check Impossible Creatures RTS out here from Amazon and support Faction Calculus in the process!

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